Dante’s Eighth Circle: Why Narconon Must Be Stopped

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Dedicated to all who suffered injustice, to the many that have lost loved ones, and to those who had the courage to speak out and tell the truth about Scientology and Narconon.

This book chronicles David Love’s own journey, which culminated in his unwavering commitment to expose the exploitations of a powerful cult, despite the lengths his opponent was willing to go, in order to silence him. Emotionally vulnerable and physically depleted, Love fell onto a realm where fraudulent abuses are heaped upon the weak, quack medicine destroys people’s lives, and Scientology hides behind the scenes pulling strings to maximize its profits.

Dante’s 14th century poem, The Devine Comedy, begins with a journey through “The Inferno,” or the nine circles of Hell, with the Eighth Circle representing FRAUD. Inside Scientology’s Narconon were insidious abuses that were the embodiment of such fraud, and even treachery, as to equalDante’s Eighth Circle. This book will touch on the “Fourth Circle – Greed” and the “Ninth Circle Treachery” – the latter being betrayal of special relationships and disconnection/shunning.

Of course, Scientology vehemently denies their organization has a “disconnection” policy and that members are free to have relationships with anyone they please. The fact is, that families once together as one, are forced through Hubbard’s [and now David Miscavige’s] evil ‘disconnection’ policy to shun each other when one is deemed to be a ‘suppressive person‘. In the Sea Org, children seldom see their parents. Welcome to church folks, this is an organization of human rights abuses that have continued on far too long . . . under the guise and protection of being a so-called Religion.

Book Excerpts – Paraphrased:

Chapter 11, “Hacking into Souls” details the evil brainwashing and mind control inside Narconon. The executives and staff appeared paranoid much worse than some students (patients), with security guards walking around with walkie-talkies, student control staff counting the students every 15-20 minutes, and the feared Ethics Officers patrolling the military-like compound.

L. Ron Hubbard Jr. once stated about Scientology: “It makes Dr. Fu Manchu look like a kindergarten student. It is the ultimate vampirism, the ultimate mind fuck. Instead of going for blood, you’re going for their soul. But, of course, it takes a couple of hundred hours of auditing and mega thousands of dollars for the privilege of having your head turned into a glass Humpty Dumpty -shattered into a million pieces.”

‘Dante’s Eighth Circle’ represents the fraudulent seducers and liars of two-headed hypocrites. Scientology’s leader,David Miscavige, their dirty tricks ‘Office of Special Affairs‘ and the Narconon hierarchy -all work in concert in an evil attempt to control people by deception.

Many allege that David Miscavige appears to be a callous dictator, having a disregard for human rights, human dignity, and compassion for humanity as a whole. Who would, or could, allow their own father to die of what seemed like a heart attack without care? Who could send their own wife away for several years? Who could send top Scientology executives to Scientology’s private prison -the RPF and allegedly beat these same staff members? Perhaps, there may be a special place in hell for David Miscavige – similar to Dante’s ninth circle, a place called ‘Caina’ where souls who were traitors to their family are doomed. These souls are buried in ice which goes up to their faces.

Some say David Miscavige is nothing more than a coward that uses his minion spokespersons to issue written statements to the media, name calling critics as bigots, and being guilty of hate crimes and discrimination.

When examining cult leaders, the narcissist does not respect the boundaries and privacy of his reluctant adherents. He ignores their wishes and treats them as objects or instruments of gratification. He seeks to control all situations and people compulsively. He often lies to support unfounded claims like “we’re expanding more than ever” and “serving more people today” claims.

This sounds more like David Miscavige is the ‘monster’ Suppressive Person – appearing to have a fixation that survival itself depends on “keeping others down” or “keeping people ignorant.” It’s quite evident that many of Miscavige’s actions end in catastrophe and mayhem, resulting in bad PR and ridicule.

David Miscavige may rule with a tiny fist, but his control over Scientology members and their front groups like Narconon, are under his direction and spell. When you look at the dictator of a cult group, look at how the organization operates and the signature of fraud and deception attached to it. Even though the organizational directives may be hidden from sight, the organization will always bear the type of “fruit” dictated by any cult leader, such as Miscavige.

Indeed, Scientology is a Goliath of untold wealth, and they do have a right to believe what they want. But, as Senator Nicholas Xenophon stated, “There are limits on how you can behave. It’s called the law, and no one is above it.”

Dante’s Eighth Circle will be published Sept. 11, 2015 and available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and several other Partner locations outside North America in Russia, Brazil, Germany, South Korea, Poland, and other countries on or about Sept. 23, 2015.

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The following video was produced back on May 12, 2012, titled: “Inside Scientology Rehab Narconon” … with a new video being produced this week, updating the fraud, exploitation, abuses and mind control inside Narconon. Link to hundreds of evidence documents are in the process of being uploaded to the smartpeopletoday.net website. A few hundred pages have already been posted with countless more being scanned for uploading.


Wake up America, the war on drugs is over: a new Revolution

policeaThis story is mirrored from ‘The Free Thought Project’ website about Leonard Campanello  – not your average police officer, which makes him even more of an atypical police chief. While police departments across the United States double down on the war on drugs with more military gear and violence, Campanello is doing it right.

While cops continue busting down doors of suspected drug users, and killing their dogs, or killing them, Campanello is reaching out his hand. The Gloucester Police Department serves the small town of 30,000 people, and when they experienced their fourth heroin death in three months, Campanello realized that police violence was not the way to deal with the problem.

“The war on drugs is over,” Campanello said in an interview. “And we lost. There is no way we can arrest our way out of this. We’ve been trying that for 50 years. We’ve been fighting it for 50 years, and the only thing that has happened is heroin has become cheaper and more people are dying.”

The fact that a police chief is unafraid to speak such truth to power is astonishing. Despite the war on drugs being an abject failure and an immoral stain on humanity, police departments across the country continue to support it. Those who speak out against it are shunned by the same Police Unions who lobby congress for stricter drug laws.

However, Campanello says, no more.

In March of this year, after receiving news of yet another heroin overdose, Campanello took to Facebook and began a revolution.

“If you are a user of opiates or heroin, let us help you. We know you do not want this addiction. We have resources here in the City that can and will make a difference in your life. Do not become a statistic,” wrote Campanello.

Campanello then got in touch with the local mayor and began the Police Assisted Addiction and Recovery Initiative (P.A.A.R.I.) which would help drug addicts instead of lock them in cages.

After the kinks were ironed out, Campanello took to Facebook again in May.

Any addict who walks into the police station with the remainder of their drug equipment (needles, etc) or drugs and policeeasks for help will NOT be charged. Instead we will walk them through the system toward detox and recovery. We will assign them an “angel” who will be their guide through the process. Not in hours or days, but on the spot.

The post went viral, and was shared over 30,000 times.

Since then, the Gloucester department has helped 109 addicts; 1 in 6 who have driven from out of state for the program.

The idea of treating an addict with compassion instead of violence is a revolutionary notion in this country. However, in other countries, such as Portugal, its effects have been realized for more than a decade. In 2001, the Portugeuse government decriminalized all drugs.

News of Campanello’s initiative is spreading, and three other cities in Massachusetts will soon launch similar programs, as well as two cities in Illinois. While Campanello’s initiative not perfect, it is radically different than anything we’ve seen thus far. It will undoubtedly lead to decriminilization being pushed into the mainstream.

In a Facebook post HERE, Officer about Leonard Campanello pleads for help:

I am asking for your help. Like this post, send it to everyone you can think of and ask them to do the same. Speak your comments. Create strength in numbers. I will bring it with me to show how many voters are concerned about this issue. Lives are literally at stake. I have been on both sides of this issue, having spent 7 years as a plainclothes narcotics detective. I have arrested or charged many addicts and dealers. I’ve never arrested a tobacco addict, nor have I ever seen one turned down for help when they develop lung cancer, whether or not they have insurance. The reasons for the difference in care between a tobacco addict and an opiate addict is stigma and money… Petty reasons to lose a life…. Please help us make permanent change here in Gloucester. Thank you, Chief Campanello

policebVancouver, BC, Canada, has taken a similar stance since opening the doors of INSITE in 2003. Insite operates on a harm-reduction model, which means it strives to decrease the adverse health, social and economic consequences of drug use without requiring abstinence from drug use or locking addicts up in prisons. Insite is North America’s first legal supervised injection site. Vancouver Coastal Health operates, and provides all the funding, senior administrative and health care workers for the facility. Vancouver Coastal Health  gets the bulk of our funding from the BC Ministry of Health Services. PHS Community Services Society provides administrative and peer support services at Insite through contract with Vancouver Coastal Health. Many addicts who visit INSITE ask for help with treatment… the addicts are treated like human beings and cared forpolicec by compassionate staff and qualified nurses. It’s a win, win for the entire city.

Vancouver Police Officers have taken to the streets to help addicts, not arrest and jail them. The National Film Board of Canada worked with Vancouver Police Officers to produce a documentary film, “Through a Blue Lens” – shot in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. This award-winning documentary film caught the eyes of audiences, film makers and critics worldwide for its unusual and sensitive depiction of life on the street.
policedThrough A Blue Lens” documents a year of life and death on the street and behind tenement walls. The striking thing about the film is not the horror of drug abuse but the story of how the interaction between the police and the drug addicts, with the camera as a catalyst, actually changed the people involved. The cops became more sympathetic to the people on the street and the drug addicts, in having friendship extended to them by the police and film makers, developed self-esteem and, in some cases, actually cleaned up.

This imbedded video is a must watch – witnessing how Police Officers take addicts for meals, bring them presents, and visit them in hospitals. This is indeed, a very moving and realistic documentary of life on the street, and the full circle of helping instead of arresting and jailing addicts.