David Love’s GoDaddy Narconon Websites Hacked from Russia Email Account




russia2Early this morning David Love received an email from GoDaddy stating:

Dear Valued GoDaddy Customer DAVID LOVE.
This notification is generated automatically as a service to you.
We have received a request that the name servers be changed for the following domain name(s):

If you are monitoring this name with Domain Backorders, the above change is also displayed in the Monitoring and Backordering section of your Account Manager.

Use the link below:

GoDaddy Domain Backorders team.
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Unfortunately, I clicked on the link that took me to my login page at what appeared to be a legit GoDaddy website and logged in. I then responded to the GoDaddy email with:

Dear GoDaddy,

I have been a valued customer for several years and I vehamently oppose such
a request that the name servers be changed in reference to: idealnarconon.com
The person who requested that my registered Domain/Server name be changed
has the option to choose from: idealnarconon.orgidealnarconon.info and idealnarconon.biz
My Server/Domain name idealnarconon.com is NOT for sale.
Thank you.
David E. Love
russiaThe email pinged back from a Russian email account: <srv35-h-st.jino.ru>
I immediately called GoDaddy customer service informing me that someone from what appeared to be a Russian email account had hacked into my GoDaddy managing Account and had access to all of my information and
websites, including: <narcononcanada.com> – <idealnarconon.com> – <smartpeopletoday.net> and other parked websites on GoDaddy.russia3
The <idealnarconon.com> website is now linked to and connected with <smartpeopletoday.net> – anyone searching the <idealnarconon.com> website will be redirected.
Fortunately, we caught it right away and GoDaddy sent
me an  email to reset my password and other information
to access my Account.