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    ryan3 If you or a loved one has been the victim of Narconon’s deceit, contact Hamilton Law to discuss your legal options.

     Las Vegas attorney Ryan Hamilton represents and helps former patients of Narconon who allege in Narconon lawsuits that they have been harmed by Narconon’s misrepresentation of its drug rehabilitation program and by its methods of treating patients with non-medically approved treatment.


 GARY RICHARDSON LINK: Handling several Narconon lawsuits, including Wronful Death
     Attorney in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We specialize in personal injury, medical negligence, bad faith insurance & business litigation. Call us at 918-492-7674. He won the largest recorded jury verdict in a defamation case for an individual in the amount of $58M. Gary also succeeded in the highest known verdict in a farm implement case to the sum of $10.2M. Recently, Gary and his son, Chuck, achieved the largest sum for a verdict in a wrongful death case as well as the largest sum for a verdict for a prison inmate in Oklahoma in the sum of $6.5M.
     Richardson was appointed Assistant District Attorney in Muskogee County, OK in 1975 and served for two years. While serving as the Assistant DA, he set the then record for the longest list of convictions. Gary entered into a partnership with Doug Garrett in Muskogee after working for the DA.

gavel-and-scale       In 1981, Gary Richardson was appointed by President Ronald Regan as the United States Attorney. He served in this position until 1984. Upon the expiring of his term, Gary opened his own law firm. Richardson started his firm with the designed purpose of representing people who had been wronged.



BRAVO to these above two USA Attorney’s who are helping those that suffered grave injustice, human rights abuses, fraud, and for the grieving families who lost loved ones inside Scientology’s Narconon. Let there be justice.

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My book’s title: DANTE’S EIGHTH CIRCLE is from a poem – “Dante’s Inferno” about the nine circles of Hell – the ‘Eighth’ being FRAUD. That’s really what much of this book is about, all nine circles, but mostly the conscious fraud in the eighth circle. Scientology and their Narconon rehab centers are the image of fraud. The malicious damage caused to innocent victims is insidious and those guilty of evil are surrounded by fraudulent advisers or evil counsellors. 

Of course, this book will touch on the “Fourth Circle – Greed” and the “Ninth Circle Treachery” – the latter being betrayal of special relationships and disconnection/shunning.

EXCERPTS from ‘DANTE’S EIGHTH CIRCLE’ – Why Scientology’s Narconon Must Be Stopped:

“Not once, in my 11 months at Narconon as a patient or on staff, did I ever see any doctor visit the center… Not once! Many of the Narconon staff think or pretend they are trained addiction specialists, but in fact are just dangerous Charlatans – in some cases, practicing medicine without a license.” ~~ 

But I was determined to write about all the events of every day… “Maybe I’ll write a book about this one day, and this place has a lot to tell,” I thought. It was like living in a temple of evil secrecy, hate, and fear. Something about this place was definitely different.” ~~ 

“He graduated before you got there in October and killed himself a month after you were there in Jan. I never told you because you were still in WD [withdrawal] and it was hard on me … he had been through Narconon at least three times … Janice [not real name] threw it [gun] over the balcony to him one night … The young man took the gun to Ontario and shot himself dead.” ~~

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